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Prettiest Places to Cycle in Amsterdam

With its historic buildings and gorgeous canals, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most famous attractions which is well-preserved. It combines an unrivalled beauty of a rich history and the contemporary spirit of an offbeat metropolis. There is much to discover in this heritage city. If conventional sightseeing is not your cup of tea and a journey off the beaten path is what you seek, then grab a cycle and bicycle around the city and explore some of the finest offerings that Amsterdam showcases.

Here are some of the best places where you can pedal your way through and have a lasting experience.

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Haarlem City

Some of the most photogenic places lie on the outskirts. These places ought not to be missed. The medieval city of Haarlem is one such place. Its cobbled streets and maze-like alleys will lead astray even the most directionally gifted travellers. But being lost is indeed enthralling because you don’t know what you will accidentally come across. Haarlem is home to some of the most famous museums in the world whose exquisite architecture is captivating enough before you even get to the artefacts inside. Its infamous gothic styled churches are also no less of a masterpiece.


Situated in the heart of the city, Vondelpark is undeniably a favourite spot for a plethora of outdoor activities. The luscious green stretch of sprawling lawns and foresty pathways make it a natural paradise. As you wander through the park’s landscape, you may come across a spectacular rose garden, an open-air theatre and some impressive monuments that stand as remnants of the past. The park also hosts a few cafes that are here and there, where you can stop by to give yourself some rest while grabbing a bite or two.

Amsterdamse Bos

If you think New York’s Central Park is all that stunning, then Amsterdames Bos will leave you eye-gazed. Considered as a retreat for most of the suburban residents, this massive greenbelt is home to some of the most varied geographical terrains in the city. The park is strategically designed with artificial lakes and rivers winding their way through green meadows and wooded areas. A tour on the humble bicycle is the best way to explore the varied contours of the natural beauty that makes this park a star attraction.


Amstel is the largest water body that weaves through the bustling streets of the city and the countryside. The route starts from central station and covers some iconic landmarks like Riekermolen Windmill and the exquisite Dutch Polders. The course also covers copper spired churches that blend seamlessly with modern skyscrapers which makes exploration on a bicycle all the more rewarding.

Fortified Naarden

Naarden is celebrated as one of the best preserved fortified towns in Europe. Along the bicycle tour, you will be pleasantly surprised by the naturally appealing landscapes. Passing through this route is relatively quiet as opposed to the bustling city. It, therefore, guarantees an authentic experience of a typical Dutch village and countryside. Flanked by the Nardeen Lake and streaming rivers, the star-shaped fortification ensures an escape into a world of solitary bliss rendering a rather laid back feeling. It is one of kind tour that reflects another face of Dutch culture.

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