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Spending Time Amid the Canadian Rockies

It’s not just about the absolutely fresh air, soaring mountains, the remarkable wildlife, the turquoise lakes or hikes which pave the way to a secret paradise. It’s also about the

What Women Want and can do while on a trip to Vietnam- Series VI

We reach the end of the series, as your Vietnam journey winds down to the southernmost tip of the country and you finally reach the mesmerizingly beautiful Mekong Delta! The

Japan’s Springtime Phenomenon: The Cherry Blossom Season

They are delicately painted. They are consumed over in poetry. Swoon over them during picnics. They are dabbled over cups of Starbucks lattes. Also, they are a representation of the

What Women Want and can do while on a trip to Vietnam – Series III

We embarked on our journey from the northern part of Vietnam, and as we start traveling down, you will encounter the beautiful Halong Bay and not to miss the quaint

What Women Want and can do while on a trip to Vietnam- Series II

On your What Women Want Series, you get to see a city-wise breakup of tourist attractions, places to see, visit, things to do and how to make the most of

Top 11 Things to Know Before Travelling to Vietnam

There’s nothing that stops Vietnam from being on top of everyone’s travel list. It has inspiring history, impressive landscapes, appetizing food and ebullient energy; be prepared for Vietnam to electrify

Wadi Rum – A Beautiful Desert Land in Jordan!

Over time, Wadi Rum in Jordan has really grown in the tourism circuit and many people are choosing this route to experience what it is like to live in a

Langkawi, Malaysia

Top Reasons to Visit Langkawi, Malaysia

A hidden beauty tucked away in the serenity of the Andaman Sea, off of Malaysia’s west coast, is the ‘Jewel of Kedah’ or popularly known as Langkawi. Langkawi boasts the


Disneyland Specials – A Preview of Special Events!

Your kids will love this! Fill the form for your Disney holiday deal. http://holidayoffers.holxo.com/help-me-plan-my-trip/ DISNEYLAND HONG KONG Pin Trading – October 2017 Every year, in October, there is a Disney

rice terrace ubud

What to Do in Ubud, Bali – Part II

Missed Part I? Read it here: http://holxotalk.holxo.com/what-to-do-in-ubud-bali-part-i/ Go Museum hopping! 1. Visit the Puri Lukisan Museum Ubud is referred to as the ‘Cultural capital of Bali’. And that is because it is

rice terrace ubud

What to Do in Ubud, Bali – Part I

Ubud is indeed ‘the cultural capital of Bali.’  Its location itself is very scenic. Amidst mountains and it is just about an hour from the airport. Ubud is the country

It’s Adventure Time in Queenstown, New Zealand!

‘Kia Ora’ is Queenstown’s way of greeting all visitors’! In the local Maori language, ‘Kia Ora’ means ‘hello’. The Alpine town of Queenstown in New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful