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Best Things to Do in Grand Canyon USA

The name Grand Canyon says it all – it’s grand and its magnitude is overwhelming. This natural phenomenon is over 3 million years old.

An encounter with the Grand Canyon USA is a concoction of several subliminal facets – ravishing visual beauty, deep-seated history and culture, physical challenges and rare experiences. It’s no wonder that this natural marvel is on countless people’s travel list and attracts over 5 million visitors per year.

A quick brief about the Grand Canyon USA

The Grand Canyon runs for about 50km in an east-west direction and averages a width of about 15km. The Grand Canyon National Park, which is home to the mighty Grand Canyon, sprawls across 1.2 million acres. The way you experience this canyon will be determined by the rims (South, North and West rim) you visit. It’s not a one-stop shop like the Great Wall of China; you need to hand-pick the part you want to visit. All three rims lie miles apart and offer a variety of experiences and views throughout the year.

Here are the best Grand Canyon thing to do:

1. Hiking

One of the most rewarding ways to see the grand canyon USA is by hiking. It is also the most difficult. There are hundreds of miles to backpack, hike and explore around. Hiking around the Grand Canyon is an immersive adventure which instantly engulfs you – not everyone has the fitness level to take this on. However, there are hikes at different levels – easy to extremely difficult. A short and easy hike can lead you to solitude and amazing views. Whichever level you choose to hike, remember to prepare accordingly.

2. Ride a mule

You can explore the depths of the popular south and north rims trails on the back of a mule. Not only is this an adventure but it’s one that is easy on the legs.

3. Ride a train

The iconic Grand Canyon Railways takes people on a fabled journey all the way to the heart of the canyon. This is not just a train ride but a trip which takes you back in time – it has adventure, history and sightseeing all rolled into one.

4. Scenic drive

One of the greatest road trips to embark on in America is around the Grand Canyon. It’s a scenic drive. In fact, there are many possible routes that it’s difficult to choose one.

5. River Rafting/ Riding down the Colorado River

Witness the magnanimous size and beauty of the Grand Canyon by river rafting or floating on the Colorado River.

6. Helicopter ride

Ride a helicopter to have a great vantage point to view the colossal canyon. It’s certainly one of the most unique grand canyon tourist attractions.

7. Cycling/ Biking

Ride the many biking and cycling paths all the way to serene and scenic spots. At the end, breaking out into a sweat will be well worth it!

8. The Grand Canyon Skywalk/ Eagle Point

A walkway that is horseshoe-shaped extends out 70 feet into the canyon. Visitors can peer over the railing of the Skywalk or down through the clear bottom to see the canyon from 4000 feet above in all its glory.

9. Jeep tour

Ride in open-air vehicles and stop at unique points which offer scenic vistas. This is a ride of a lifetime which will introduce you to a side of the grand canyon USA you haven’t seen before. A side filled with adventure, history and legends.

10. Guano Point

Guano Point situated in the west rim is a dramatic and scenic viewpoint. You get 360-degree panoramic views of the Grand Canyon USA and Colorado River.

That’s not all, in and around the Grand Canyon, there is more to do:

1. Hoover Dam Bridge

Sitting at 1500 feet from the mouth of the river, the bridge is 1900 feet long which makes it one of the longest concrete arch spans in North America. Climbing to the top of the bridge offers amazing views of the dam and it’s definitely worth the effort!

2. Joshua Forest

In a stretch of 120 odd kilometers, situated between Wickenburg and Wikieup, is a road which is laden with Joshua Trees and has the densest population of this particular tree. This route is also called as Joshua Forest Parkway. It’s one picturesque route alright!

It’s all a colossal experience

No matter what activity you choose to do, rest assured, the Grand Canion will take care of offering an experience that will be unforgettable.

The Grand Canyon USA is a sight to see at least once in your lifetime,
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