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Best Day Trips From Sydney

Sydney, Australia’s most populous yet global city bestows a massive range of unfathomable affairs, timeless opportunities and salivating food choices. When we hear the word, ‘Sydney’, our mind immediately paints a mental image of the magnificent Opera House and Harbour Bridge. But there is so much more to Sydney than meets the eye, take a trip to these places and experience a whole lot more of Sydney!

Here are some of the best day trips from Sydney:

Palm Beach

Palm Beach

Golden sand tickling your toes and the endless stretch of clear blue water, the Palm Beach (a.k.a Palmy) assures a vision of a lifetime. Palmy ticks off all your beach spot requirements such as surfing, swimming, boat rides and fishing activities for the kids. For the more spontaneous tourists, take on the Pittwater kayaking, get a panoramic view of the beach from the Lighthouse and tee off at the Palm Golf Course before you head to The Boathouse for a by the beach binge.

Distance: 44km from Sydney CBD

Travel: By car – about one hour away from Sydney CBD

Royal National Park

Royal National Park

Home of the sequestered beaches and the main source of wilderness, lies right in the neighbourhood of the city. This 151-square kilometre park helps you separate yourself from the tumult of the urban life and reconnects you with nature. Trek around the coastal cliffs and through the dense bush lands primarily made up of the eucalyptus plant. Rejuvenate in the waterfalls of Wattamolla and canoe your way to the Hacking River. Ride through well-constructed cycle tracks and get down to earth to lay out a picnic at the Ironbark Flat for a homely yet outdoorsy meal. There is more to do than you know.

Distance: 36km from Sydney’s CBD

Travel: By car – about one hour away from Sydney CBD

Port Stephens

Port Stephens

A two and a half hour drive from Sydney’s CBD, Port Stephens is blessed with soft sand beaches, distinctive sand dunes and noteworthy national parks. Welcoming to the bottlenose dolphins, Nelson Bay is home to the fishermen and a pit stop for a convoy of cruising tourists. Put a hip in your step and hike up the mountains of Tomaree to discover the Shoal, Zenith and Fingal Bays that are too flat sanded to flaunt their presence. When you get tired of dancing like a swimmer who is addicted to the rhythm of the waves, let the horses and camels of Port Stephens sweep you off your feet and drop you to the Little Nel Café of Nelson Bay that serves the finest Fish and Chips in the vicinity.

Distance: 179kms from Sydney’s CBD

Travel: By car: About two hours away from Sydney

Blue Mountains

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains

If anyone told you that the slate colour of the Blue Mountains came from the emissions of the eucalyptus oil, they are not crazy. While you are there, don’t leave a cliff-hanging when it comes to a goofy attempt of an echo at the Echo Point Lookout of Katoomba. Take a train ride into the world’s most perpendicular passenger railways at the Katoomba Scenic World and plunge into the primordial forests within. Then take a short bus ride from Katoomba to the Jenolan Caves that will marvel you with the tales of the 11 caves, artistic rock sculptures and underground rivers. When you feel famished, drop by the Silk’s Brasserie and warm yourself with some of the best wines and fine-dining food.

Distance: 79kms from Sydney’s CBD

Travel: By car- About one hour away from Sydney CBD



Stuck in the middle of a common mix-up of the capital cities Canberra and Sydney lies Berrima, a village that still believes in the days of the yore and that every hour of the day is a happy hour. Established in the 1830s, the place stays true to its ancestral traditions and takes pride in preserving ancient architecture, sells country merchandise at Mrs. Oldbucks Pantry and well-knit cardigans at the Australian Alpaca Centre for the tourists. Stroll past the vineyards to learn the essence of their finest wines and walk by the Berrima River to chance upon the sight of the rare platypus.

Distance: 125 km from Sydney’s CBD

Travel: By car- About one hour and fifty minutes away from Sydney CBD

Sydney, while being the most liveable city with a desirous reputation, lays out a spectrum of possibilities to find a new place to venture to. Like the famous Academy award-winning actor from Sydney, Cate Blanchett once said, “go bush” referring to an expression that Australians popularly use meaning, “get out of the city and relax”.

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