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day trips from Paris

Best Day Trips From Paris

Paris, I love you’. This famous movie title is so true, not just because of all the delightful experiences that the city of Paris has to offer, but also because of the day trips from Paris that you can take. Read this article to see five such day trips.

Day trips from Paris – Versailles

Built by Louis XIV in 1682, the grand Palace of Versailles and its grounds is a wonderful day trip from Paris. You can admire the grandeur of the palace and its architecture, as well as the beautiful gardens around. Just one of the perfect little Paris city breaks!

Click here to visit the palace website for further information on opening times and tickets.

Versailles is about 25 km away from Paris, and the best way to get there is by train. Read this article for detailed information on the trains to get to Versailles.

Champagne region

The region of Champagne in France has a geographical indication, which means that only what is produced in this region can actually be called champagne and similar beverages produced in other regions of the world are called sparkling wines. When in Paris, the source of the luxurious Champagne is a must visit! The region is about 145 km from Paris and not easy to access by train. Hence, you could rent a car and drive for about 2 hours to the region and visit different producers. You can also visit the Reims Cathedral during your time here. Alternatively, if you want to be able to try out as much champagne as you want without thinking about the drive back, you might want to take an organized day trips from Paris tour that allows tasting in different champagne houses.

Book a Holiday to Paris to visit Champagne as part of our Paris holiday package that includes stays in the cities of Paris, Champagne, Dijon, Lyon and Nice.

Reims, Champagne

Reims, Champagne


Located about 137 km to the northwest of Paris, this is a charming town in the Normandy region of France and preferred by travelers for Paris day tours. Visit this place for its brightly colored buildings, a cathedral, an astronomical clock tower and the tower where Joan of Arc was held before being executed in Rouen. You can take a train to Rouen from Gare Saint Lazare train station.


Accessible at about 2 hours by train from Paris, visit Strasbourg for its Gothic-style cathedral and its canals lined by quaint, old houses. The historic centre of Strasbourg along with the Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The European Parliament is also located in this city.


This is a medieval village located at a drive of about 1 hour 15 minutes from Paris and is famous for relaxing day trips from Paris. You can even take a train from Gare de L’Est. The places to visit in this town are the underground tunnels, the watchman’s tower, the museum and the Tithe Barn.

TIPIf you are going to Provins in the off season, make sure to check the opening hours of all the attractions that you plan to visit.

Apart from gazing at the Eiffel Tower in awe, there’s so much more to do around Paris which makes for a memorable getaway!

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