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A Magical Trip Around the Fairy Tale Route of Germany

If you wish to spend a night in Sleeping Beauty’s castle or see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage or stroll along the lanes where Pied Piper with his magical pipe lured away the rats, then all this is achievable along the 600km German Fairy Tale Route that extends from Hanau all the way to Bremen.

A drive along the Fairy Tale Route in Germany is a joy ride for the whole family. It is a unique road trip in Europe for families and for those who want to feel young at heart again. All towns you cross paths with offer family-friendly activities.

As you follow the footsteps of the Grimm Brothers, you will enter a fairytale world of bewitched castles, captivating sights, charming medieval towns and enchanted forests. The Brothers Grimm,; the famous folklores synonymous with their name were not written by them but were collected and published by them.

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The Journey

The road through this magical journey goes past towns and landscapes which were used as inspiration for the classic tales.

Not only is the route teeming with a profusion of stunning vistas but also is a path for learning a lesson from history. It takes you through the childhood home of the brothers in Steinau to the different cities and towns where the two of them studied and worked. All through the route, you will be in awe of the half-timbered houses that are lined along narrow cobblestone streets in the medieval villages, the dense and lush woods amid which romantic castles are nestled.

Your journey will be like flipping a storybook’s pages – lined with art, seeping with culture, 8 nature parks, fascinating highlands, serene riversides, romantic cities and ancient villages. Delve into every twist and turn and unravel what the Fairy Tale Route has to offer.

Charming towns and villages and stunning castles

All the towns along the route are enamouring and almost quite literally, straight out of a storybook. Each town has its distinctiveness and is popular for one or the other tale. Additionally, the entire route covers more than 20 castles and palaces, each more spectacular than the other.

  • Hanau – Just outside of Frankfurt, lies Hanau, the birthplace of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.
  • Steinau – During their childhood, the brothers lived here for about seven years. You could also stopover at the house where the Grimm brothers lived – Bruder Grimm Haus.
  • Marburg – The small university town of Marburg is where the brothers drew inspiration and began collecting stories and tales that were as good as forgotten. This rich assemblage of fairy tales made them famous.
  • Schwalmstadt – This is the town of Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Kassel – Heart of the route and a mecca for scholastic Grimm fans, the brothers lived here for about thirty years.
  • Hofgeismar – Famous for the Sleeping Beauty Castle (Castle Sababurg).
  • Göttingen – After moving from Kassel, Goettingen is where the brothers lived and taught at the distinguished Georg-August University.
  • Hamelin – This town is known for the tale of the Pied Piper.
  • Bremen – Considered as the end of the Fairy Tale Route, the story that this town is associated with is the Town Musicians of Bremen.

Breath taking nature

Other than spending time getting lost in the magical world of castles and fairy tales, the route weaves through lush forests, many rivers, cascading waterfalls, two national parks and eleven nature parks which ensures a gorgeous drive amid nature. In the nature parks, you can swim, enjoy a boat ride, admire nature or hike. All trails and activities ultimately take you across lands where the siblings collected fairy tales, legends and myths.

The spellbinding power of fairy tales

The start of a journey into a world full of princesses, witches and magical characters begins with ‘once upon a time’. It’s time to stop reading these tales and start living them by travelling down the Fairy Tale Road. For, once in a while, in the middle of ordinary life, you should live a fairy tale!

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