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Tales of travelling footprints

new york

72 Hours in New York

New York City is huge – not just geographically but experientially as well. For first-timers, the number of sights to be explored can be overwhelming. However, this guide will help

5 Best Cities for Families to Visit in USA in 2018

The USA is a land of dreamers and achievers – every city has something unique to offer and each destination within the country has its own unique identity. This is

New York

All the Things I Experienced in New York!

I stayed in New york city for 5 weeks exploring the creative side of the city on foot. Here are all the things I experienced: Sights Staten island ferry :

Notes From My Journal in New York and San Francisco

A day in Manhattan I walked on the high-line with hazelnut gelato I bought from Chelsea Market. It runs parallel to the Hudson River on one side and on the