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Tales of travelling footprints


Your Ten Point Must-Eat List in Greece!

Holiday recommendations can be a very boring task to write about, especially when you have to deal with the question of “why.” Say, for example, why should you go to

Top Ten Experiences in Hong Kong

Holidays are always so much nicer when they come affordable and nothing spells affordable luxury the way Hong Kong does. There is something so futuristic about holidaying in Hong Kong

New York

All the Things I Experienced in New York!

I stayed in New york city for 5 weeks exploring the creative side of the city on foot. Here are all the things I experienced: Sights Staten island ferry :


Must Try Local Dishes in Milan

When I Think of Italy, I see such great resemblance to Indian culture with its wide offering of food, great history with the dominance of religion and contribution to world

Spain food

Don’t Miss Out on These Spanish Dishes

Paella Rice could be one ingredient connecting the world, and Spanish have their version too. The most traditional version is paella, which includes chicken, saffron, runner beans and butter beans.