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5 Best Day Trips From Split

A must visit place in Croatia is Split, its second largest city and one that perfectly blends the ancient and the modern. An example of this is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Diocletian’s Palace, where you will find bars, restaurants and shops within the old walls. (Source: Lonely Planet). Additionally, Split is the ideal base location for a number of amazing day trips, allowing you to travel to these day trip locations without having to carry all your luggage with you. Read on to learn about five day trips from Split.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

About 3-4 hours away from Split is this beautiful dense forest that extends almost 300 square kilometres. This national park has 16 lakes that feed into each other through waterfalls. If you decide to explore all the lakes on foot, it will take you about 6 hours. However, this might be tough to achieve on a day trip, and you can instead make use of the free boats and buses that are available to explore the national park and the lakes. The upper lake section will take you about two hours and the lower lake section will take you about 3 hours.


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Hvar is an island that can be accessed from Split by taking a ferry ride that is less than two hours. You should visit this island for the culture and nightlife in the town of Hvar, for the beaches in Zavala and Jelsa, for the ancient town of Stari Grad and much more. Given how many things there are on this island, it is advisable to research and pick what you want to do beforehand so that you can make the most of the day.


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Blue Caves

This amazing natural wonder is located on the Island of Bisevo, in the bay of Balun. It is named so because of the piercing blue colour in the cave and the water in it, which is caused by the sunlight reflecting through the water and then bouncing off the white limestone bottom. The best time to visit the cave is between 11 am and 2 pm. In order to get to this cave, you have to take a speedboat. We advise combining this visit with other island tours.


Easily accessible from Split by a road trip of 45 minutes, Trogir is ideal for a day trip. This picturesque town is located on a tiny island and is surrounded by medieval walls. If you visit during summer, make sure to go to the seaside in the evening to enjoy the bars and the cafes in this town!


Krka National Park

Krka National Park is worth a visit for its waterfalls, lakes and gorges. The serenity of the area has also attracted monks, who have built monasteries here. When in Split, definitely plan a visit to this region of natural beauty, since it is just an hour away!


All it takes is some planning and you will be able to do more than you know. Try a few day trips and tell us about your experience.

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